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The Sacred Quest / 3D Animation Piece
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Motion Graphics StudioBrighton Design Company
Shoreham by Sea Graphics
> Completion: Nov 11 2007
> Turnaround Time: 2 weeks

Shoreham by Sea Studio
> Maxon Cinema 4D
> Adobe After Effects
> Sony Vegas
> Adobe SoundBooth

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Motion GFX Project Overview

The Sacred Quest is an extraordinary story of an ordinary young woman, who is propelled towards a cataclysmic life change after an astonishing story is impregnated into her consciousness. As she begins to transcribe the novel she comes to realise that she is in fact its central character, and a sequence of synchronicities sees her following trails of evidence sent by the universe to mark out the path she must follow.

The author of The Sacred Quest came to us to try and bring to life a short excerpt from her book, that could be presented and shown around the world.

We started with an initial story line, and progressed with a full 3D animation featuring 3 characters set in a local bar. Initially set in the day, the mood come across better in an evening scenario, so the lighting and bar area were changed to accomodate this.

Maxon Cinema 4D was the target of choice to create this 3D environment. Skinning and character creation was closely matched to the client specification, and once the draft 3D was created, we added an effect layer using Adobe After Effects.

One halfsize render was produced for approval, then the render queue started creating the finally 1600 frame animation, which was produced at square pixel widescreen and delivered to the client in a quicktime format.

Project Overview

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