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Rhys Daniels Trust Titles / Charity Title Sequence
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Shoreham by Sea Graphics
> Completion: Jun 6 2007
> Turnaround Time: 2 weeks

Shoreham by Sea Studio
> Maxon Cinema 4D
> Adobe After Effects
> Sony Vegas
> Adobe SoundBooth

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Motion GFX Project Overview

Dreamshock have just finished the opening title sequence for the Celebrity Golf Challenge which took place in the summer of 2007.

The main feature of this piece was to use the all ready established logo, which is primarily the house, and the butterflys, and bring it to life with a 2007 modern feel.

Using shots from the actual programme, we imported the footage and rendered in a 3D environment, and used the butterfly logos as particles to help emphasise the look.

The aim of the Rhys Daniels Trust is to provide Home from Home care, in support of major hospitals across the UK. All our facilities are self-contained and supplied free of charge and for as long as the family needs them.

We hope to work more in 2008 with the Rhys Daniels Trust. See their website for more information regarding their charity.

Project Overview

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