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Hannah Montana GFX / Title Sequence and Elements
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Motion Graphics StudioBrighton Design Company
Shoreham by Sea Graphics
> Completion: Apr 4 2009
> Turnaround Time: 2 weeks

Shoreham by Sea Studio
> Maxon Cinema 4D
> Adobe After Effects
> Sony Vegas
> Adobe SoundBooth

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Motion GFX Project Overview

This week saw the huge launch of the new Disney Movie: Hannah Montana.

We were asked to create a title sequence for the documentary covering the release, which is to be shown on the Disney Chanel May1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

The initial task was to create the 3D environment to set the scene, which we chose to be a red carpet feel.

Then we began to build the city blocks, sky scrapers, and crowds. Finally once the camera motion paths were set, we rendered the 3D elements before creating effects in After Effects.

Clips from the Hannah Montana movie were used to help set the scene. All 3D elements were created using Maxons Cinema 4D.

** In addition this project now includes similar titles created for the Jonas Brothers Movie Premiere.

In association with the Disney Movie Previews animations which can be seen here:

VIEW >> Disney Movie Previews Portfolio

Project Overview

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