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The Making of Up / 3D Title Sequence
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Shoreham by Sea Graphics
> Completion: Nov 11 2009
> Turnaround Time: 2 weeks

Shoreham by Sea Studio
> Maxon Cinema 4D
> Adobe After Effects
> Sony Vegas
> Adobe SoundBooth

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Motion GFX Project Overview

We were asked to help Disney Pixar create a title sequence for a recent "Behind the Scenes" documentary of their forthcoming release - UP.

The programme is to be shown on across the Disney Channel in the UK, and therefore needed a UK spin to the graphics piece.

We decided to use the foundation to the movie principal, whereby a house floats away with thousands of helium balloons.

To accomplish this we found a normal London street with a standard terraced house and using Cinema4D and after effects, we lifted the house up and over to Pixar HQ in San Fransico!

Project Overview

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