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Kudos Karl Promo / TV + Online Promo
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Motion Graphics StudioBrighton Design Company
Shoreham by Sea Graphics
> Completion: Jun 6 2010
> Turnaround Time: 2 weeks

Shoreham by Sea Studio
> Maxon Cinema 4D
> Adobe After Effects
> Sony Vegas
> Adobe SoundBooth

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Motion GFX Project Overview

Dreamshock were asked to create an online promotional video to take the Kudos Brand to another level.

Kudos are leaders in the wedding entertainment industry, providing both DJs and event theming services.

We set about first creating Karl a brand mascot robot which is now set to be the face of Kudos.

Once he was created and full rigged in 3D, we started creating a small 3D world for Karl to be animated in.

Based on a mini story, Karl enters Kudos HQ, and checks out video footage of the different services that Kudos Provide.

We took the best shots from around 2 hours of supplied footage and laid this down amongst the 3D renders.

Everything was created in Cinema4D before animating and doing a final pass layer in After Effects

Supplied Services

  • Storyboard and Design
  • Character and Object Modelling
  • Character Animation
  • 3D World Design
  • Lighting & Atmospherics
  • HD Footage Editing & Treatment
  • Media and Audio Effects

To see more photos and information be sure to check out the Kudos Website

Project Overview

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