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WEB DESIGN PORTFOLIO - Total 45 Projects

> Completion: May 5 2007
> Turnaround Time: N/A

> Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
> Adobe Flash for Animation
> Text Editors for Scripting
> Design elements in Photoshop

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Project Overview

Pulse8Media - Website Category Type: Flash/HTML Hybrid

Pulse8 Media is an expert provider and producer of Television, Radio, Online and Event content. They specialise in TV production, Sports TV production and Broadcast Facilities, together with Corporate & Commercial Video, Audio Visual fulfillment and video production and streaming for the web.

The production team at Pulse8 has over 40 years experience of television production and delivering high quality broadcast programming with over 5000 hours of TV having been produced by the team; this includes both live television and post-produced broadcasts.

They asked dreamshock design to assist in creating an online media showcase with a streaming video portal to help push their portfolio to other clients.

Project Overview

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