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WEB DESIGN PORTFOLIO - Total 45 Projects

> Completion: Apr 4 2009
> Turnaround Time: N/A

> Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
> Adobe Flash for Animation
> Text Editors for Scripting
> Design elements in Photoshop

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Project Overview

Jesikah Maximus - Website Category Type: Flash/HTML Hybrid

We have just launched the online portfolio site for Jesikah Maximus.

Jesikah has been featured in many publications and shoots worldwide, and is affiliated with Sean Cummings at Show Magazine.

The site features member photos, videos, messaging and behind the scenes footage on her website, and some great new upcoming features happening in 2009.

We used a combination of flash and html to deliver database driven content,and the site has a powerful administration management system to allow instant updates and additions to the site.

Project Overview

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