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> Completion: Feb 2 2011
> Turnaround Time: N/A

> Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
> Adobe Flash for Animation
> Text Editors for Scripting
> Design elements in Photoshop

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Project Overview

Web Leasing - Website Category Type: Flash/HTML Hybrid

Web Leasing is the UKs leading website leasing company offering low cost solutions for businesses and individuals looking for a highly search engine optimised website.

Initially we started with creating the brand identity for the company. The site needed to be clear and informative to the user, so they could clearly work their way around the site and instantly see the packages on offer.  Once this was established we went on to produce page templates.

Web Leasing have an in-house development team, so on this occasion we were asked to work alongside their implementation team. When creating the page templates we always ensured we were building to the CMS specification provided, so the in-house team could easily integrate the templates.

Dreamshock provided the developers with the necessary page templates and support for them to build the site in house.

Project Overview

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