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Mike Hillman

In his own words

I've always had an interest in art, design and the creative side of things. I'm more of a visual person than an academic one - I studied design through college and have worked in or around design ever since. I've known Scott since we were kids, so when there was an opportunity at Dreamshock he called me up and the rest is history.

The characters within the Dreamshock team give the studio a unique and special atmosphere, unlike anywhere else I have worked - it feels like collaborating with a group of like-minded, respected friends, which makes for a relaxed and really creative environment.

I love creating things - whether it's filming a video, designing a logo or website, or taking photos for clients, or making music, carving wood, painting pictures or even plastering and building in my own time. I get great satisfaction in turning a few elements into something special and inspiring. That's what we do at Dreamshock: we create something visually engaging which fits the project's genre but also gives an element of surprise to the client.

How the other members of the team describe mike
" Positive, creative, hands-on and practical, easygoing, humble, musical, friendly, modest, stylish, lovely, cool, relaxed, quiet, contented, outdoorsy - a laidback, multi-skilled diamond-in-the-rough! "
Outside Dreamshock
In his spare time Mike indulges his love of writing and playing music, surfing and sport and is also a talented wood carver and painter.
Favourite Quotes

If there is a heaven I know where it be, Under the folds of the hills that roll through the sea.

"When you're creating your own s***, man, even the sky ain't the limit." Miles Davis

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