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Scott Wright

In his own words

I started Dreamshock in 2005 as a website design company; I had a huge passion for photography and this soon became a fundamental part of Dreamshock and as we've developed we've also added motion graphics, branding and film to our range of services.

For each project we take on we put our hearts and souls into it - we're driven to innovate and create something captivating that leaves an impact on the end user or viewer. Whether it's an image, video or website, we craft something bespoke, tailor made, that helps our client stand out from the crowd in their own unique way. We won't stop until you have something outstanding that you, and we, are very proud of.

How the other members of the team describe scott
" Creative, prolific, adaptable, dynamic, dedicated, driven, team player, determined, technically multitalented, not afraid of a challenge - a solution-providing, self-improving innovator! "
scott's Dream project
I've had quite a few project aspirations and goals throughout my career and, fortunately, a lot of them have come to fruition. I would still love to film and photograph a superyacht and film from a chinook helicopter.
Outside Dreamshock
In his spare time Scott enjoys cycling, kayaking and other sports that allow him to get out and appreciate nature and the environment.

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