Daniel Wiles Dreamshock
Daniel Wiles Dreamshock

Daniel Wiles

Website Developer
In his own words

I began my career as an apprentice and over the past 10 years I've been developing my skills as a front end web developer. Having a passion for the online industry has allowed me to enjoy turning designs into fully functioning websites.

Working in a creative environment has given me a new insight into other aspects of digital media, giving me inspiration to further my knowledge. Dreamshock is able to develop any type of project from scratch no matter how bespoke or creative it may be. I feel I am reliable, determined, focused and that I have a good eye for clean professional code.

How the other members of the team describe daniel
" Adventurous, funny, nerdy, loving, passionate, reliable, consistent, driven, focused , perfectionist, collective, quirky, loyal with a good eye for code. "
Outside Dreamshock
In his spare time I enjoy going to the gym and socialising with friends. More recently I have returned from travelling Europe in a van. During this time I was able to experience new cultures and work on the road. This made me realise I could generate something out of nothing, all I needed was a good internet connection.

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