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 Dreamshock film stunning seaside home with secret tunnel that inspired Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland's' rabbit hole

  • Consort House - Lewes Crescent, Brighton is on the market for £3.65million
  • The iconic writer is said to have visited the coastal town several times before publishing his first Alice novel
  • Owner Barry Grogan has refurbished the building since taking it over when it was dilapidated in January 2014

One thing we do right at Dreamshock is evoke emotion, we capture peoples attention and often take them off to somewhere special, which makes them feel great.

This was our approach when filming the property video showcase, through a combination of cinematography and HD aerial filming along with a carefully crafted emotional edit, we produced a promotional video that showcases the beauty of the property and its location.

Consort House is a luxury home with a secret tunnel that is believed to have inspired Lewis Carroll to pen Alice in Wonderland.

The Grade I-listed house on Lewes Crescent in Brighton, East Sussex, features a 'down the rabbit hole' style tunnel that allows fortunate residents to head from the exclusive property's lush gardens down to the beachfront.

Folklore suggests that the iconic writer saw the tunnel on his visits to the coastal town in the lead up to publishing the literature classic more than 150 years ago.
The five-storey home, which was on the market for a staggering £4.25million in January last year, is being sold by property developer Barry Grogan, 60, who has owned the property for two years.

This is the 'secret tunnel' that the new owner of the home will have access to that allows a quick getaway to the Brighton beachfront.

The house has access to a secret tunnel that brings someone out to the Brighton seafront amid a cluster of trees, centre, and the feature is said to have inspired Alice's Adventures in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll.

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